We understand that you might not be thrilled about doing your senior pictures with an old-fashioned studio that uses the same standard portraits with fake scenic backgrounds that went out of date years ago. Or using a cookie-cutter photographer that uses the same location and pose to streamline each senior through the maze of purchasing their pictures. Or maybe the high pressure sales tactics photographers use, with hidden price sheets and fake coupons that seem great at first, makes you cringe.

Youngblood Seniors doesn't fall into any of these categories! Your high school senior pictures should be uniquely you and we are here to help bring your vision to life. Youngblood Seniors will capture this special time and give others a glimpse into the multiple facets of who you're becoming.

Want your senior pictures done on your school's baseball field, your favorite hangout, your family's farm, with your car, or even your friends? No problem! Youngblood Seniors wants to create fashion-inspired, magazine-quality photographs that highlight your personality perfectly.

Youngblood Seniors offers multiple sessions throughout the year, no clothing change limits (unless we run out of light!) and all your proofs are available to be seen online in your own personal album.

In lieu of any sitting fees, the only agreement you make is that you will purchase 10 Units. A unit is either 1-8x10, 2-5x7s, or 8 wallets. Each unit is $35. These 10 units can be 10 different photographs from any of your photo sessions. Additional units can be added at $35 a unit. Everything you pay is used towards your photographs. We also offer wall portraits, books, albums, graduation announcements, and much more!

Price lists are always available to our clients.